Collaborative design review in VR can be one of the most efficient ways for you and your team to track down issues in your BIM files, but introducing new users to VR can be a challenge.

Luckily, we have some tools and tips to help you teach new users and keep your meeting on track.

Meeting Host

If you started the meeting, you'll be the Host, which means you'll have some extra tools at your disposal to manage the meeting participants. You can easily spot who is host by the "host" tag in their name and their blue avatar.

To confirm you're the host, you can check in the meeting menu where you should see "(me, host)" underneath your username.

If you'd rather make someone else the host, you can do so by pressing the "..." button next to their name and pressing "Transfer Host".

Gathering participants

Your most powerful tool as a host is the "Gather" button, located underneath your menu.
This button will bring all participants to your location, which is a great way to guide new VR users through a model without having to teach them how to move, or to get everyone to focus on the same part of the model.


You can also go to another user's location by opening the "Meeting" menu, looking for them in the participants list, and pressing the "Go To" button next to their name.

Host Tools

As host, you'll see an extra panel of host-only tools in the meeting menu. Here are some of it's main functions:

  1. Erase All Sketches - removes all the sketches from all participants.
  2. Gather All To Me - gathers all participants to your location. Same as the gather shortcut under your menu.
  3. Optimize for single floor review - optimizes our rendering algorithm to allow you to view further horizontally but less far vertically. Ideal for models with many floors like office buildings.

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