The Resolve BIM 360 Chrome Browser Extension allows you to link BIM 360 models to Resolve, making them available in the Oculus Quest app.

A model only needs to be linked once, as we will automatically take the latest model from BIM 360 when opening a project in VR.

Add Resolve app to BIM 360

In order to link a model through BIM 360 you must first add the Resolve app to your BIM 360 HUB.

If you haven't already done so, find out how to do so here.

Contact your BIM 360 Account Admin to do so if you do not have the appropriate permissions.

Link your Resolve account to your BIM 360 account

Connect your personal Resolve account with your personal BIM 360 account by going to and clicking Link BIM 360.

Installing the Resolve Chrome Extension

1. Add the InsiteVR BIM 360 Chrome Plugin to sync your model directly from BIM 360. You can get it by clicking here.

Click "Add to Chrome"

2. Click the Resolve Chrome icon and login to your Resolve account

3. If you are a member of multiple Resolve accounts, you must select the account you want to link your model to using the dropdown menu.

Linking a model to Resolve through BIM 360

1. Navigate to a BIM 360 project and open the model in the BIM 360 viewer. Select the 3D view you want to link to Resolve.

2. Once the model loads, click the blue "Link Model" button the bottom right. The model will now begin processing, which may take a few minutes.

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