Adding Members to Your Project Team
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Members of your project team will be able to view all of your linked models in VR and link new models themselves.

Adding Members to Your Project Team

  1. On the web, go to and log in to your Resolve account.

  2. Click My Teams on the top left.

  3. Click Invite New Member on the top right.

  4. Enter your team member email addresses and select their Role.

Once they sign up with their work email address, they will receive an email to complete registration and accept your invitation.

There is a shareable link that can be copied at the bottom. This link will allow anyone with a white labled domain apply to join a project. This can be posted, for example, in an internal company or project forum to allow for easy signup for team members who may want to join a Resolve project tea

Permissions Overview:

Admin or Member:

Members cannot delete models or other Admins or Members. Members can only delete comments they have made personally.

Admins can invite other Admins, delete models and delete other Admins and Members. Admins can also void any annotations that have been made by any other user.

Note: Resolve accounts are provisioned on a domain-by-domain basis. Only users with authorized domains will be able to sign up using the signup link.

If you need additional authorized domains added to your account, please reach out to a Resolve representative to discuss adding more to your license.

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