VR meetings are the core of a productive workflow with Resolve, as they allow you to review your BIM files with your entire team.

View a Model in VR

1. Open the Resolve app on Oculus Quest.

2. Go to resolvebim.com/pair on your computer internet browser, and enter the pairing code you see on the Quest


Click Login with account info and enter your account username and password directly in the Quest.

3. Select the project you want to meet in.

Inviting team members to your project

Anyone in your organization can join you in the project model by simply logging in to the Resolve app on Quest, and opening the same model you're in.

Inviting guests to your project

You can also easily invite people who aren't in your organization or who don't have a resolve account, by using meeting codes.

Meeting codes will give these people temporary access to your project, as long as the meeting is active.

Here's how it works:

1. Press the "+ Invite" button on the top right

2. Share this meeting code with anyone you want to invite to your meeting.

Participants can then join your meeting using this meeting code. You can find simple instructions for joining a meeting in this article: "Joining a VR meeting in Resolve"

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