If you're reading this you've probably been asked to join a Resolve meeting on your Oculus Quest to review a BIM file in VR.

Has the meeting already been started by someone from your own team? Simply sign in to the resolve app on your Oculus Quest, and open the same model as your teammates.

If not, follow these steps:

Joining a meeting in 4 simple steps

Before you get started, make sure you have the Resolve app installed on your Quest, and make sure your host gave you a 6 digit meeting code to join their meeting.

1. Open up the Resolve app on Oculus Quest.

2. Click the "Enter guest Meeting ID" button.
(If you already have a Resolve account and have paired your headset, you can press the Join Meeting button at the top of the project menu).

3. Enter the 6 digit meeting code you received from your meeting host.

4. Enter your name and press "Join Meeting". After downloading the model you'll have joined your colleagues in their BIM file!

We hope you have a productive meeting!

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