Using the Sketch Tool
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The sketch tool allows you to draw on your model. It is a great way to quickly mark up issues or propose changes with others.

To begin sketching:

  1. Open the Resolve menu in VR and click "Create."

  2. Click the "Start Sketching" button.

  3. Move your pointer across the model while holding down the trigger to sketch on surfaces.

You can undo/redo your latest sketch strokes by pressing the "Undo" and "Redo" buttons, or you can clear all your sketches by pressing "Clear All."

You can customize sketches by selecting a sketch color or stroke size.

By un-checking "Sketch on Surface," you can sketch in mid-air. This is useful for marking up objects close to you or for sketching while in Dollhouse Mode. Please note that sketches are not saved in models. They are meant for live collaboration with others and can only be seen by those in the model at the same time as you.

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