Dollhouse mode is a way to interact with a scaled, tabletop version of your model.

Going to Dollhouse Mode

There are two ways to go to Dollhouse Mode.

This first way is the "Go To Dollhouse" shortcut button underneath your menu.
Click it and you will instantly be teleported to Dollhouse Mode.

The second way is to teleport straight up:

  1. Push the purple joystick on your right hand forward until you see the teleporter.

  2. Point the teleporter up until the line turns bright blue.

  3. Release the joystick to teleport to Dollhouse Mode.

Teleporting back down

To get back into your model, simply point at any point until you see a blue indicator, and press the trigger to teleport down to that spot.

Using the section plane

By default, a section plane will be turned on in Dollhouse Mode to make it easier to look into the model.
To move the section plane up and down:

  1. Move your hand over the section plane handle bar.

  2. Hold down the green grip button on your controller to grab it.

  3. Move your hand up and down to move the section.

You can toggle the section plane on or off by pressing the "Section Top" button near the table edge.

Moving and Scaling the model

You can move the dollhouse model by holding down one of the green grip buttons on your controller and moving your hand.

To scale the model, hold down the green button on both the left and right controller, and bring your hands together.
Currently the maximum scale in Resolve is 1:20 scale (3/4″=1′-0″).

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