Enhance your construction coordination workflow with an end-to-end integration, allowing you to track and tackle issues across design software. Make issues in VR and then review them directly in Navisworks or Revit.

What is it for?

This new integrated workflow eliminates the need to coordinate issue tracking between different platforms, simplifying your VR coordination and design review. You can now find more issues in VR and follow up in native software, making it easier to share and review issues with your team.

How does it work?

During a coordination meeting, create an annotation in Resolve. These annotations will be synced to your project in BIM 360 as issues. With the new integration from Autodesk, you can now open Navisworks or Revit directly to find your BIM 360 issues.

To get started you’ll need to make sure you've installed the following:

Here’s a quick video of the workflow.

The same process will apply for the Revit integration

  1. Link your project to Resolve through BIM 360.

  2. Open your project in Resolve and create annotations.

  3. Open your project in Navisworks through BIM 360.

The project should have a “Synced” status

4. Navigate to the Issues tab and click Show

You will see all your BIM 360 issues including the annotations created in Resolve

Click on any of the issues to locate them within the model and review

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