There are 2 types Oculus Quest devices that exist in the market today.

  1. Consumer Oculus Quests that you can pick up at any big-box retailer (Walmart, BestBuy, etc.).

  2. Oculus Quest devices that are associated with an organization, part of the Oculus for Business program (OFB) which need to be purchased through an authorized 3rd party reseller.

You can get Resolve on either headset. It is important to note that regardless of which headset you use, your Resolve account is created separately. The process for each is outlined below.

Consumer Oculus Quest:

A requirement of setting up the consumer Oculus Quest is to sign in with a Facebook account. You can use your personal Facebook account, this has no impact on your Resolve use and is completely unaffiliated with Resolve account.

  1. Simply search for "resolve" on the Oculus Store through your headset (it is important you spell it exactly as shown).

  2. Click on the "View App" button under the "App Lab" banner.

  3. Install the app

You can also install the app remotely via your computer web browser.

  1. Go to and click "Download Resolve" on the side of your screen

  2. Click "Resolve for Oculus Quest"

  3. Then click the "Free" button to download Resolve

  4. Resolve should now be pushed to your headset remotely!

Oculus For Business:

You should have Resolve pre-installed on your headset. Open Resolve from the Apps page on your headset, and start your virtual model reviews!

If you do not see Resolve installed on your headset, please contact the administrator who manages the OFB headsets.

For admins, please see this article to get access to Resolve.

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