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Getting Resolve On Your Quest
Getting Resolve On Your Quest
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Once you have set up your new Quest, you're ready to download Resolve (instructions for setting up a new Quest here)

Consumer Oculus Quest:

In August 2022, Meta changed the requirements for setting up a Meta Quest device. Users are no longer required to set up Meta Quest devices with Facebook accounts. Instead, users can use Meta accounts, which are for use with VR headsets, and don't require a Facebook account.

It is important to note that regardless of which account type you use to set up your Quest, your Resolve account is created separately and independently from your Meta account.

Once you've set up your Oculus Quest

  1. Simply search for "resolve" on the Oculus Store through your headset (it is important you spell it exactly as shown).

  2. Select the app with the purple logo and large "Resolve" block text, and click "Install"

You can also install the app remotely via your computer web browser.

  1. Go to and click "Download Resolve" on the side of your screen

  2. Click "Download on Quest Store" and sign into your Meta account, if needed

  3. Then click the "Free" button to download Resolve

  4. Resolve should now be pushed to your headset remotely!

Finally, you can install Resolve from a mobile device by using the Quest app:

  1. Open the Quest app and click the "Store" icon along the bottom menu

  2. Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right and search for Resolve

  3. Select the Resolve app and click "Install on Meta Quest"

Oculus For Business:

You should have Resolve pre-installed on your headset. Open Resolve from the Apps page on your headset, and start your virtual model reviews!

If you do not see Resolve installed on your headset, please contact the administrator who manages the OFB headsets.

For admins, please see this article to get access to Resolve.

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