1. Add Resolve app to BIM 360

In order to link a model through BIM 360 you must first add the Resolve app to your BIM 360 HUB.

If you haven't already done so, find out how to do so here.

Contact your BIM 360 Account Admin to do so if you do not have the appropriate permissions.

2. Link your Resolve account to your BIM 360 account

Connect your personal Resolve account with your personal BIM 360 account by going to https://app.resolvebim.com/integrations and clicking Link BIM 360.

Link models to Resolve

Now that you've connected your accounts and added the Resolve App to BIM 360, click on Link New BIM 360 Model from https://app.resolvebim.com/projects.

Choose the BIM 360 account and project you want to link a model from. Proceed to navigate through the folder structure and select the file you want to link.

Note: With a .RVT file a specific view must be linked

Select the Resolve organization you want to project to appear under.

Then click Link BIM 360 Model to Resolve.

Now your model should appear under the Linked Models tab under the specified Resolve organization. Once your model is linked, it will update automatically in Resolve any time a new version is saved in BIM 360. Once it's done processing, it's time to review your model in VR!

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