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Setting up your new Meta Quest VR headset
Setting up your new Meta Quest VR headset
Written by Ignacio Gimenez
Updated over a week ago

In August 2022, Meta changed the requirements for setting up a Meta Quest device. Users are no longer required to set up Meta Quest devices with Facebook accounts. Instead, users can use Meta accounts, which are for use with VR headsets, and don't require a Facebook account.

It is important to note that regardless of which account type you use to set up your Quest, your Resolve account is created separately and independently from your Meta account.

Getting ready to set up your new device

  1. Remove the device from the box and make sure that a headset, two controllers and a charger are included

  2. Remove the pull tab protecting the battery from the handheld controllers before you set up the device

  3. If you wear glasses, grab the glasses spacer and insert it into your headset, it will help make you more comfortable by giving you more room inside the headset

  4. Charge your headset until you are ready to set it up

  5. Download the Meta Quest app on your mobile phone by accessing the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, or from

  6. Please note that a Meta account is required to use the Oculus Quest headset, and you will be asked to log into your Meta account when you first log into the Oculus app

  7. At this point, we suggest jotting down your WiFi network name and password, as you will need this information to connect your headset to WiFi

Setting up the device

Getting comfortable

  1. Turn on the headset by pressing and holding the elongated, oval power button on the right side of the headset

  2. Put the headset on and adjust the straps until it is comfortable, top and side straps are both adjustable

  3. Move the device up and down on your head until you find a comfortable position that provides a clear view inside the headset, you should not be experiencing blurriness in VR

Device setup in VR

  1. Your controllers will connect automatically, and the headset will guide you through the setup process

  2. You will be asked to select your language

  3. You will be prompted to adjust the width of the lenses, if needed, by taking the headset off and manually adjusting the lens width to 1 of 3 available positions (the lenses are adjusted from the inside of the headset)

  4. You will be prompted to connect your device to your WiFi network, when prompted, enter your WiFi network name and password

  5. You will be prompted to download an update for your device; this can take a few minutes but you can take the headset off and you will be notified by an audible "ping" sound when the update is complete

  6. You can now pair your headset, you can do so from the mobile app on your phone, which should recognize your headset, or by using the code shown on your headset

  7. From here, you will be asked to setup a Guardian boundary, which will protect you from obstructions while in VR, follow the prompts to set up the Guardian boundary

  8. If prompted to set up hand-tracking, which eliminates the need for controllers, do not do so; you will use your controllers in Resolve

  9. Now, you are ready to download Resolve, follow the instructions here

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