Using the Browser you can access any website while you're in VR. You can use this functionality to access one line diagrams, operations checklists, drawings, spec sheets, even videos and real time dashboards.

To launch the web browser click the browser icon 🌐

The home page is a list of your project bookmarks. The first bookmark will automatically default to your BIM 360 project page. Read the Bookmarks section below for how to customize project bookmarks.

Clicking on one of the bookmarks or going to a URL will navigate to the corresponding web page.

Important: When you're in a review session with others they will not be able to see your browser. To share something with others click the "Share Screenshot" button the bottom right. This will capture a screenshot of what is currently visible in your browser and allow you to place it anywhere in the model for others to see.

Setting up Project Bookmarks

Bookmarks are added to each project from the web dashboard. Click "Add Bookmark" on the right hand menu.

Paste the URL of the page you'd like to bookmark into the form and add a short description so people know what it is before clicking it. Click the blue "Add Bookmark" button on the form to save it. The bookmark will then appear as a clickable link when you open the browser in VR.

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