Avatar Recording and Playback (beta)
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With our recording feature, you can record yourself (your speech, avatar, and its movements) in your 3D model, and others on your team can view them at their convenience. You can guide colleagues through proposed layouts, walk them through certain procedures, highlight safety guidelines, explain design elements, and more— all without needing to be in the same room or even in a live, synchronous meeting.

Create a Recording

  1. Open the Resolve menu in VR and click “Create

  2. Then click “New Recording (Beta)

  3. When you see an avatar appear in front of you, use your controller to aim the avatar where you would like the viewer(s) of your recording to be positioned at the time of recording.

  4. Now that the position of their view has been set, click “Start Recording.”

  5. You will now see a countdown. When the countdown reaches “0,” you may start recording.

  6. When you are finished recording, click “Stop Recording.”

  7. Once your recording has stopped, you may give it a title by clicking the pencil icon.

  8. Then, click “Save.”

Play a Recording

  1. In the Resolve menu in VR, click “Content.”

  2. Then click “Recordings.”

  3. On the “Recordings” screen, you will see a list of all recordings previously created. Simply select the one you would like to access and click “Play.”

*Please note that you may pause a recording at any time and can return to its content later.

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