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Setting up open beta Meta Quest for Business (QFB) headsets for Resolve
Setting up open beta Meta Quest for Business (QFB) headsets for Resolve
Written by Ignacio Gimenez
Updated over a week ago

Meta says that QFB "makes it easy to deploy, manage, and scale Meta Quest headsets within your company".

The Resolve support team is ready to assist your company deploy open beta QFB headsets!

Basic setup instructions are below:

QFB admin setup

  • For each user who will receive a headset, QFB IT admins should enroll them in the QFB admin center using their work emails (more info on the process from Meta here).

  • QFB IT admins can add accounts in the People > Directory section of the Admin Center

  • QFB IT admins can deploy Resolve from the QFB admin center by:

    • Clicking "Devices" to access the Device Manager

    • Clicking "Apps" and then "Add App"

    • Paste in the link provided to you by Resolve. If you need a link to an APK contact

Notes on transferring old Oculus for Business (OFB) headsets to Quest for Business (QFB)

  • End users can enroll new and/or factory reset Meta Quest headsets in QFB.

  • Oculus for Business (OFB) headsets which have been previously converted to consumer headsets can also be enrolled in the QFB admin center.

  • Headsets need to be set up from factory reset (i.e., first-time being set up after being converted to converted to consumer headsets)

End user software setup

  • End users can access a QFB setup guide for end users from Meta here.

  • End users will need two accounts to set up a QFB-enabled headset: A Meta account and a Meta work account. These should be set up before proceeding with the hardware setup.

    • End users can sign up for a Meta account here.

    • End users can sign up for a Meta work account here.

  • Notes on Meta and Meta work accounts:

    • The Meta account and the Meta work account can both be associated with the same work email.

    • End users do not need Meta's mobile app to create Meta accounts, they can be created via the web, allowing users to skip adding a credit card.

End user hardware setup

  • Headsets should be unboxed, connected to WiFi and end users should follow the basic setup prompts

  • When setting up the headset, it’s critical that users select “Set up Meta Quest for Business” first

  • A code will be displayed which can be used to connect the headset to the admin center by visiting

  • The device will prompt the end user to complete the QFB setup

  • Subsequently a code for linking the device with the Meta account will be displayed

  • Devices can be linked to Meta accounts by visiting:

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