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Adding the Resolve integration to your ACC Hub
Adding the Resolve integration to your ACC Hub
Written by Beau Parker
Updated over a week ago

Adding Resolve to Autodesk Construction Cloud only needs to happen once per hub, and should be taken care of by your ACC administrator. After that, your team will be able to link ACC models to Resolve, making them available in the VR app. (Read more on how to do that here)

Note: While installing the app in Autodesk Construction Cloud, the name will read 'Resolve for Autodesk® BIM 360®,' but rest assured, it's also compatible with ACC. If you've previously added the Resolve app in BIM 360, you'll still need to add it in ACC to link your projects here.

To add the Resolve integration, follow these steps:

1. Go to your ACC Account Admin page and click Apps:

2. Find the Resolve integration and click it:

3. Click Install:

4. Click Authorize and Install:

5. Now you are ready to begin viewing your ACC projects in Resolve.

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