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Use your PC or Mac Desktop in Resolve
Use your PC or Mac Desktop in Resolve
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You can bring your Desktop PC or Mac into Resolve to work on your Revit or Navisworks model or review 2D sheets with your mouse and keyboard while in Resolve. This is great to merge traditional desktop based BIM design or 2D workflows with Resolve VR Review workflows.

To do this on Quest simply download the Remote Display app from within your headset. It can also be downloaded from here:

You'll also need to install the desktop client on your PC or Mac. It can be downloaded from here: Note: you'll need to login with your Meta account.

Once both the Quest and Desktop apps are installed simply launch the Remote Display app on your Quest and choose your PC from a dropdown list.

Once the remote display app is launched you can launch Resolve. While you're walking around your model in VR you can click the Quest button on your right controller to bring up your Remote Display at any time. To minimize your Remote Display just click on the Resolve app in the dock to Resume Resolve.

You can see more about how the Remote Display app can be used in Resolve in this video (no sound):

Pro Tip: You can pin your display in front of you by clicking and dragging the Remote Display icon from your dock of apps in the Meta Quest and placing it into one of the window slots in front of you.

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