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How to Upload a Model
Utilizing Direct File Upload For Model Reviews
Utilizing Direct File Upload For Model Reviews
Written by Beau Parker
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If you're in need of a quick review of your model, you can easily upload your file directly to Resolve.

Supported File Formats

Please note that only NWD and IFC files are currently supported for direct upload via the file upload source. If your BIM file is in a different format, you may need to convert it to one of the supported formats before uploading it to our platform.

Uploading BIM Files Directly To Resolve

  1. Accessing the Resolve Dashboard:

    • Navigate to the Resolve dashboard. This is where you manage your models and projects.

  2. Adding a New Model:

    • Locate and click on the "Add New Model" button. This can be found in the right-hand corner of the page.

  3. Selecting File Upload as the Source:

    • After clicking "Add New Model," you'll be prompted to choose the source of your model.

    • Select "File Upload" as the source as you'll be uploading your BIM file directly from your device.

  4. Uploading Your BIM File:

    • Once you've selected "File Upload" as the source, you'll be prompted to choose the file you wish to upload.

  5. Accessing Your Model:

    • After processing is complete, you'll be able to access and view your model in VR.

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