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Creating Annotations in VR
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Annotations are a useful tool for notating issues you discover in your BIM file during your reviews.

There are two types of annotations you can create in Resolve: Speech-to-Text Annotations and Preset Annotations.

Annotations can have two statuses: active or resolved. You can also attach a tag to them and filter by either status or tag. Administrators can add or edit existing preset annotations or tags from the Resolve web dashboard.

Creating a Speech-to-text Annotation

  1. Open the Resolve menu in VR and click "Create"

  2. Click "Add Speech-to-Text Annotation"

  3. Look at the menu and observe a 3-second countdown. Then, say your annotation aloud, and be sure to speak loudly and clearly. The recording time is limited, so you will want to keep it concise.

  4. Once you click "Finish Recording," or if the recording time runs out, it will process for a few seconds and will then create an annotation transcribing what you said.

  5. You can select the keyboard button in the bottom left-hand corner to edit the annotation.

  6. You will then be prompted to select a tag for the annotation.

  7. If the annotation is correct, point toward the place in the model where you would like to tag it and press the trigger with your index finger to place it.

Troubleshooting Speech-to-Text Annotations

  • Be sure to speak clearly and enunciate your words to lessen the risk of incorrect transcription. When transcriptions are incorrect, try using different words. For example, say "kitchen sink" instead of "faucet."

  • If you are trying to record in a language other than American English, you can change the language in the "options" menu found within the Speech-to-Text menu.

  • If your speech repeatedly transcribes incorrectly, you can edit your annotations using the annotations menu in the Resolve Desktop Companion app.

Note: if you find that your audio will not record, click Content > Settings > Audio and ensure that the correct audio input is selected. You may test the audio input from that menu to ensure that your voice is being picked up.

Creating a Preset Annotation

  1. Open the Resolve menu in VR and click "Create"

  2. Click "Add Preset Annotation"

  3. Select a preset annotation

  4. Choose a tag from the next screen

  5. Point at an object in your model and press the trigger to place the annotation

  6. The annotation status will default to "Active" and will appear as a yellow dot in the model

Tip: To edit these presets visit our annotation web dashboard.

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