Model Upload Best Practices
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To learn how to link a model from BIM 360 to Resolve please click here.

To best prepare you model for VR, there are there are a few points to keep in mind.

Updating the Model in Resolve

When a linked model is updated in BIM 360 and the version number changes, the model will automatically update in Resolve. The model/view name must be the same for this to happen, otherwise you may need to manually relink the model again from BIM 360 to Resolve.


Use the BIM 360 Model Viewer to make sure your model is not missing any components and looks the way you would want it to look in VR.

Click on the name of the file you want to link in BIM 360 Docs to open the viewer.

BIM 360 Viewer vs. Resolve

Any color overrides or transparencies set to elements in your model will appear in Resolve. We do not support textures.

To avoid unnecessary tinkering with the model, please remember that most VR reviews will focus less on aesthetics and more on operations feedback.

Layer Management

If you are linking a .RVT file to Resolve, the layers in Resolve will reflect the visible Families associated with the .RVT file view you are linking.

If you are linking a .NWD file consisting of .DWG's, the layers in Resolve will reflect the .DWG tree structure.

If you are linking an .NWD with objects and meshes, Resolve will consolidate them into one layer.

If you are linking an .NWD with other files appended, the layers in Resolve will reflect the appended models and not the elements contained within.

Overlapping Geometry

When models are uploaded to VR, certain elements may flicker as seen in the image below. This is a result of overlapping geometry, more specifically when there are duplicate elements directly on top of each other.

To mitigate this issue, it is recommended to hide duplicate models before uploading to BIM 360.

Distant Geometry

If your model starts flickering in VR or is unusable from the beginning, this could mean you have have distant geometry modeled. Please watch the short video to learn how to mitigate this issue.

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