In order to align expectations with Resolve end users, you can take advantage of review guidelines and due dates through your Resolve dashboard.

This feature will ensure all users understand the model that is expected to be reviewed, the components or areas within that model, as well as the due date to add those comments.

1. To get started, have a model linked from BIM 360.

2. On the Resolve website, click on the Assign Due Date button under the Review By section on the Linked Models screen

3. Fill out the Review Guidelines as well as the Due Date

Tip: Make sure to give clear and concise review guidelines. Users will see these guidelines when opening the model in VR and will need to acknowledge them. We recommend working backwards from procedures you will be performing in real life and having reviewers try them in VR to make sure there aren't any issues.

3. Once a due date is assigned you will see a percentage, indicating the number of users in your project team that has reviewed the model before the deadline, over the total number of people in the project team.

In VR your reviewers will see projects with scheduled review due dates at the top of their project list

And when they open the project they will see an overview of the review guidelines that they can acknowledge.

4. As the person who sets the deadline, you can expect a summary email regarding the review, 8am EST the day after the deadline.

Reviewers can expect an email notification when a review deadline is set, reset, as well as 2 days before the deadline. Once a model is successfully reviewed, a Review Completed message will appear next to the model in the Linked Models page.

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