Reviewing Annotations in VR
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Reviewing Annotations

To review all annotations that are currently in your model:

  1. Click "Content" in the Resolve

  2. Click the "Annotations" button

  3. Click any of the annotations to instantly teleport to that annotation's location

  4. You can also change an annotation status or tag from this view:

Filtering Annotations

  1. In the annotations list, select the "filter" button.

  2. You can filter by status, either active (yellow) or resolved (blue). This is helpful if, for example, you would only like to view the issues that are still pending.

  3. You can also filter by tag type. This is helpful if, for example, you only wish to view issues related to certain categories (e.g., accessibility).

  4. These filters can show or hide all annotations in the model and in the annotations list according to your selections.

  5. You can also toggle between "hide all" or "show all" which will show or hide all annotations in the model and in the annotations list.

    Please note that all users will have their annotations filtered when you do.

    Please note that annotations can only be deleted in the Resolve web dashboard.

Exporting Annotations & Annotation Integrations

If your Resolve administrator has configured the BIM 360, ACC or Procore issues integration for your organization, your annotations can be synced back to those systems automatically. You can also download this as PDF, CSV, XML or BCF in the Annotations menu from the Desktop Companion app or via our annotations web dashboard.

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