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Resolve Changelog

September 2023

09/26/2023 Web release

Security Enhancements:

  • Password Validation: We've strengthened your account security! When you sign up, we now validate your password on the backend to ensure it meets our security standards. This helps keep your account safe from unauthorized access.

  • Rate Limits: To further enhance security and prevent abuse, we've introduced rate limiting on certain actions. This means that certain endpoints like /signup and /review now have limits in place to protect the integrity of our service.

Usability Improvements:

  • Improved Company Information: We want to make sure your company information is accurate. In this update, we've taken steps to filter out any leaked or incorrect organization data from the company field. This ensures that the information you see and share is reliable.

09/15/2023 Web release

New Features:

  • Procore Coordination Issue Support: Now, you can seamlessly sync annotations as Coordination Issues in Procore.

    • Please note the following limitations:

      • One-time sync only.

      • Status and text won't update automatically.

      • Sync is not bi-directional.

      • No 3D positioning for issues; only a screenshot is available.

  • Procore Automatic Model Updates: When models are updated in Procore, Resolve will automatically reflect these changes through webhooks.


  • Security Enhancements: We've applied patches to address pen test vulnerabilities, ensuring your data remains secure.

09/06/2023 Quest version

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a bug that would give you a "Cannot edit while offline" message when trying to edit or delete a view. Now you can seamlessly make changes to your views without any interruptions.

09/06/2023 Quest version

Bug Fix:

  • Open in VR Button: Fixed an issue where the "Open in VR" button didn't function properly after exiting a model and launching a new project from the project selection screen.

New Features:

  • Offline Mode: We're excited to introduce Offline Mode! You can now access the following features in a cached model even when you're not connected to the internet:

    • Create sketches

    • Create measurements

    • View maps

    • View annotations

    • Navigate between views

    • Toggle layers on and off

  • Take a Break Reminder: To enhance your experience with Resolve, we now offer a friendly reminder for new users to take a break if they have been using the platform for more than 30 minutes. Additionally, if you or a teammate experience motion sickness while in VR, these helpful tips might be of assistance. Preventing motion sickness in VR

August 2023

08/22/2023 Web release

Bug Fix:

  • Improved Annotation Experience: Now, when you create an annotation, we will automatically record and display the element's name that the annotation is associated with. This means that when you review your annotations in the PDF and CSV formats, you'll easily be able to identify which element each annotation refers to.

08/17/2023 Web update

New Feature:

  • Instant VR Project Launch: Introducing the "Open in VR" remote launch button! Now, launching your app into a project within the VR environment is easier than ever. Simply click the "Open in VR" button in the Resolve dashboard and have your model open in your Quest headset.

08/17/2023 Quest version

Bug Fix:

  • Precise Minimap Teleporting Restored: Now, when you click on the minimap, it will accurately transport you to the intended location, regardless of the model's size.

New Feature:

  • Seamless VR Project Launch from Web Dashboard: Our new feature allows you to launch directly into a project from the Resolve web dashboard. Just click the "Open in VR" button on our website and watch as your Quest app automatically launches into your selected project. Remember, you'll need to be logged into your Resolve account in the headset for this to happen.

  • New Feature: Single Object Hiding: When you select an element via inspect properties or by double-clicking on the object, you now have the power to hide only the chosen object. Of course, you can still effortlessly show or hide entire layers from the layers menu.

08/16/2023 Web hotfix

Bug Fix:

  • Avoid Duplicate Models When Linking: We've resolved an issue where duplicate models were unintentionally created if you attempted to link a model that had been linked before. With this bug fix, you can now confidently link your models without worrying about unnecessary duplicates being generated.

July 2023

07/31/2023 Resolve Quest

Bug Fix:

  • Improved Participants Display: "We fixed an issue where the first page of participants would overflow if a high number of participants had already opened the project before you joined. Now, you'll be able to see all participants clearly.


  • Simplified Help Sections: We've removed outdated language from the app's help section, making it easier for you to find the information you need.

  • Streamlined Settings: We've removed references to "ambient occlusion" and "floor mode" from the settings, creating a simpler and more intuitive experience when customizing your preferences.

  • Improved Project Name Selection: Now you can use longer names for your projects, as we've increased the character limit on the selection screen. This means your project names can be more descriptive and unique.

  • Improved Transparency: We've made the first set of fixes to transparency issues to ensure a better rendering experience, similar to what you get with BIM 360.

June 2023

06/30/2023 Resolve Quest

Bug Fix:

  • Resolved an issue where clicking on the minimap would unexpectedly teleport users outside of the model's boundaries.

  • Please note that a minor offset may still occur when clicking the minimap on Quest. This is a known bug that we are actively working on fixing.

06/30/2023 Resolve Quest

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a bug that was causing colliders to sporadically break.

  • Introduced Version 1 of clicking in VR minimap to teleport to that location.

06/28/2023 Resolve Quest

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed a bug that was causing colliders to break, leading to some interaction problems with annotations and teleportation. The fix ensures that the collider system is now more stable, reducing the chances of encountering widespread failures.

06/22/2023 Resolve Web Release

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved a bug where company admins were unable to delete models from the project dashboard

  • Resolved a bug where organizations with an expired trial subscription date did not send emails regardless of status and type

06/16/2023 Resolve


  • Improved Loading Screen: We've addressed an issue where the loading screen logo would flicker, ensuring a smoother loading experience.

  • Enhanced Socket Implementation: We've upgraded the way sockets are used in the app, making it more stable and functional. This update improves overall performance and reliability.

  • Avatar Voice Recording Enhancements: We've fixed a bug that caused avatar recordings to fail due to missing audio towards the end. Now, your avatar's voice captures will be recorded accurately and consistently.

Bug Fix:

  • Vive Remote Avatar Head Position: We've resolved an issue where Vive remote avatars appeared with their heads positioned lower than intended. This bug has been fixed to ensure proper avatar display.

06/12/2023 Resolve Quest


  • Quest freezing issue: We made changes to address a known freezing problem on Quest devices. As part of our efforts, we have toggled a setting that has been identified as a potential cause of the issue. We will closely monitor the situation to see if this change has a positive impact.

Pipeline updates:

  • Enhanced cylinder detection: Our pipeline now includes improved cylinder detection.

  • Users will experience improved performance when using models that contain a significant amount of piping or cylindrical content.

06/02/2023 Resolve Quest


  • New rendering technique for pipes and other cylinder shapes to improve the performance of large industrial models!

    • Stay tuned for even more improvements: In an upcoming update, we'll be refining our model pipeline to better identify pipes and further optimize the rendering process.

May 2023

05/30/2023 Resolve Web Release

Bug Fix:

  • Resolved a bug that caused Navis files to not update correctly.

05/26/2023 Resolve Quest


  • Introducing telemetry for when the app triggers a graphic error or warning.

05/23/2023 Resolve Quest


  • Added a loading indicator when properties are not fully loaded. Now, you'll see a download percentage when properties are not fully loaded on our server, keeping you informed about the loading progress.

  • Enhanced annotation visibility control: When you apply filters to hide annotations, the annotation dots will be completely hidden, providing a cleaner view in your model.

  • Avatar recording upload progress: We've added a percentage progress indicator when saving a recording to provide more information about the upload status.

  • Multiple scrolling options for properties: You can now scroll through properties using three different methods - click and drag, scroll bar, or thumbstick - for a more convenient browsing experience.

Bug Fixes:

  • Geometry display bug fix: We've resolved an issue where some geometry occasionally appeared incorrectly due to a Level of Detail (LOD) bug, ensuring a more accurate representation of your models.

05/19/2023 Resolve Web Release


  • Added a new error message during the model linking stage if the model has not properly processed on BIM 360.

05/01/2023 Resolve Quest 1.7.0


  • While viewing properties in a model, you can now scroll using your joystick, in addition to the scroll bar.

Bug Fixes:

  • Made improvements to reduce the number of freezes while in a model.

  • Resolved a bug where a corrupt annotation would cause the project to hang and not load properly.

April 2023

04/04/2023 Resolve

New Features:

  • added a new rendering system to better handle complex models with dense equipment and small details

  • upgraded the avatar replay feature to include advanced lipsync technology, enabling recorded audio to be synchronized with the avatar's mouth movements for a more realistic and immersive experience

  • implemented an automatic view creation for models with no saved views to address the issue of users sometimes getting lost; they can now have a reliable reference point for future navigation

Bug Fixes:

  • resolved a bug that caused browser screenshots to appear oversized

  • fixed the appearance of annotation screenshots so they no longer seem stretched

March 2023

03/30/2023 Resolve


  • added associated screenshots to avatar recordings

  • implemented a new system that monitors the app's performance in real-time and detects when the app has frozen, allowing us to quickly identify and address issues before they impact the user

Bug Fixes:

  • addressed a bug that caused projects to appear in a random order, making it difficult for users to find the project they were looking for

  • fixed an issue of browser screenshots shifting unexpectedly when models were updated

  • resolved a bug that caused the desktop user’s height to be improperly scaled and positioned within the 3D environment, resulting in a more accurate and immersive experience

  • eliminated a bug that caused hand visuals to be incorrectly rendered in both desktop and VR

03/29/2023 Resolve Quest Patch

Bug Fix:

  • eliminated a bug that caused significant lag when loading projects

03/29/2023 Resolve Web Release

Bug Fix:

  • addressed a bug that prevented multi-user accounts from adding additional users due to Resolve admins being inadvertently counted as license users


  • released a performance enhancement patch that reduces server load and optimizes the loading process for projects accessed via the VR app

03/21/2023 Resolve Web Release

New Feature:

  • introduced a new feature that allows enterprise teams to be organized into companies, streamlining access management and enabling company admins to view and manage projects and models without needing to be added to each one individually

03/20/2023 Resolve

Bug Fix:

  • resolved a critical bug that caused the app to crash when users attempted to toggle layers on and off

03/17/2023 Resolve

New Feature:

  • introduced the ability for users to record themselves in a model for up to 15 seconds using live avatar recordings. These recordings can be played back by others, enhancing the collaborative and interactive nature of the platform

03/16/2023 Resolve 1.5.3

New Feature:

  • introduced a new ‘share position' button in the VR menu of the dollhouse, making it easy for users to share their spatial anchors with others


  • improved the visual fidelity of VIVE controller users with updated hand visuals

Bug Fix:

fixed the VIVE Focus 3 incorrectly displaying as "Quest 2" in the participant list

February 2023

02/24/2023 Resolve Web Release
  • fixed the issue preventing users from resetting their passwords before creating a username

02/23/2023 Resolve Desktop Companion App


  • added logic so multi-user accounts could use all functionality on the desktop app

  • added the ability for annotations to be filtered on the desktop app

  • made rendering and memory improvements that we've released for quest now available on the desktop

02/16/2023 Resolve

Bug Fix:

  • fixed transparent objects not rendering

Web Updates:

  • added functionality for monthly plans to be updated to annual plans via the billing dashboard

  • revised settings to ensure that Resolve admins are not included in customer license count

02/02/2023 Resolve

Bug Fix:

  • fixed an issue where some users were not making it past Meta Quest entitlement check

02/02/2023 Resolve


  • added support for multi-user plans

Web Release:

  • Trial accounts can now purchase multi-user plans

  • fixed an issue where annotations without a tag couldn't have their status updated.

January 2023

01/31/2023 Resolve


  • identified an area for major memory savings on colliders that were bloating models more than needed

Bug Fix:

  • fixed app crashes by reducing memory usage

01/14/2023 Resolve


  • improved decompression times and rendering by improving the tiling system on one of our benchmark models which used to take 8 minutes to decompress (and now only takes 2 minutes!)

  • added support for an Australian English accent

  • added support for filtering annotations on the desktop companion app

  • disabled the “center” button in the properties menu when not in the dollhouse

Bug Fixes:

  • fixed Quest app crashes caused by models with dense equipment

  • fixed the glitchiness in models that have geometry far from their origins

  • fixed keyboard caret placement when editing view names or typing URLs

01/17/2023 Resolve Pipeline

Pipeline Updates:

  • fixed the processing of models with large footprints to avoid glitchiness that was experienced in the headset.

December 2022

12/21/2022 Resolve 1.2.8

Bug Fix:

  • fixed bug that caused browser screenshots to appear all black

12/16/2022 Resolve 1.2.7

Web Release:

  • added the deletion of tags

  • migrated Autodesk endpoints

12/08/2022 Resolve 1.2.7

Quest Patch:

  • fixed bug that was causing the app to crash upon open

12/07/2022 Resolve 1.2.6

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed bug where "invisible" colliders that had been noticed in models had led to the inability to inspect an object's properties

12/04/2022 Resolve 1.2.5

New Features:

  • Added the ability for Quest device users to interact in Resolve using their Meta avatars

  • Enhanced the user experience by allowing the dollhouse table to be saved in the user’s guardian space using Meta’s spatial anchors


  • Increased usability by allowing users to fly in dollhouse mode and no longer be restricted to walking

November 2022

11/21/2022 Resolve 1.1.0


  • Increased zooming out on the dollhouse table to 1:50 instead of the previous cap of 1:20

  • Improved occlusion culling and level of detail algorithms so more details are visible while walking through rooms with dense content

October 2022

10/10/2022 Resolve Web

New Feature:

  • Created a “Group” feature that allows customers to “group” and tag users by discipline via the Team page to better evaluate user activity and to set reviews by group vs. tagging individuals

September 2022

09/26/2022 Resolve Web

New Feature:

  • Implemented a “View Analytics” button on the web that displays the count of active users, the number of reviews scheduled, the number of annotations made, and the number of minutes in VR as well as an ROI estimator


  • Made web updates to remediate vulnerabilities discovered by an annual penetration test

09/16/2022 Resolve


  • Optimized dollhouse rendering

July 2022

07/07/2022 Resolve 3.3.0

New Feature:

  • Added multi-cloud support for enterprise accounts


  • Improved rendering distance with new algorithms

May 2022

5/13/2022 Resolve

New Features :

  • Farther view distance with new occlusion culling techniques

  • Support for other cloud providers


  • Improved support for additional Oculus language settings

  • Speech-to-text improvements

  • Performance improvements

5/13/2022 Resolve 3.2.0

New Features:

  • The new annotation status, "Void" removes the annotation from the model but is preserved in BIM 360 if linked to BIM 360

  • Improvements to View names being displayed in mini-map

  • In model user mobility updates


  • Decompression bug corrected

  • Further visual improvements to the mini-map

March 2022

3/28/2022 Resolve

New Features:

  • Mini-map displays the location of different saved views

  • Ability to zoom in on your position in the mini-map

3/15/2022 Resolve 3.1.0

New Features:

  • Add tags to annotations

  • Change the status of annotations from active -> resolved

  • Filtering of annotations in VR by status or by tag

  • Live updating of annotations in VR when the status is changed in Resolve web dashboard or BIM 360

  • Clicking on an annotation allows you to see more details and change status or tag

  • Administrators can create tag types on website


  • Allow editing speech to text annotation text with VR keyboard to fix any transcription issues

  • Project lists are now sorted alphabetically with projects that have active reviews surfacing to the top

  • Requiring special character for new and reset passwords

September 2021

09/29/2021 Resolve


  • New annotations page in the web dashboard to review, export, sync to BIM 360 issues, delete, filter, and update your annotation presets.

  • Comfort menu added to Quest app with: blink mode, sunglasses, and tunnel mode.

  • Performance improvements for projects with a lot of annotations.

  • Improved resolution of mini map

  • Avatar nametags will now light up when somebody is speaking so you know who is actively speaking

  • Security improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • CADmep models that were not properly displaying colors have now been fixed

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when desktop users were gathered to the dollhouse and sometimes fell under the dollhouse

August 2021

08/27/2021 Resolve Website

New Features:

  • Specifying reviewers is live! Projects can now specify who should review within the time frame. Only selected reviewers will be counted towards the percentage, get emailed about deadlines, and be reminded 2 days before deadline.

  • You can now link models from the Plans folder in BIM 360

  • Allow team members to remove themselves from a team

  • API blocks anyone who isn't an annotation owner or team admin from deleting annotations

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes added people to the member/admin list multiple times

  • Fixed a bug that would send out multiple review summary emails if model was updated within review window

08/23/2021 Resolve


  • only team admins and annotation owners can delete an annotation

  • adds support for auth based MFA

  • for newly processed models, clearance zones will be put into their own layer called Clearances

  • faster property queries

08/06/2021 Resolve

New Features:

  • Users can see review guidelines when they first open a project for projects that have had review guidelines set by an admin via the web.

  • Users can see which projects have due dates associated with them in their project list to make it easier to find what they have to review.

08/05/2021 Resolve Website

New Features:

  • Admins can set review guidelines + a due date via the Resolve project dashboard

  • Emails go out to all team members when guidelines + due date are first set

  • Emails go out to 2 days before the due date to team members that haven't reviewed

  • Emails go out to admins on the due date with breakdown of activity of who didn't review

  • Non-admins will be able to open the review guidelines but not edit them

  • If a team admin changes the review date they have a checkbox option to indicate that they want to reset the review and require everyone re-review (vs. this just being an extension)

  • Due dates and guidelines are also visible inside Oculus Quest app


  • The ability to unlink models from the project dashboard has been removed

08/02/2021 Resolve


  • adds dynamic tiling to improve rendering of equipment

July 2021

07/14/2021 Resolve


  • Improve rendering of high detail objects with new vis set

  • Reduce z-fighting for newly processed models

  • Improving handling of offsets and axes for previously upside down models

May 2021

05/27/2021 Resolve


  • Fix phantom users showing up when users take their headset off and put it back on

5/11/2021 Resolve 2.3.0

New Features:

  • Groups models by project team on the project selection screen

5/11/2021 Resolve 2.2.0


  • Updated logic for colliders which used to cause some unexpected behavior in background processes

  • Fixed phantom users showing up when users take their headset off and put it back on

  • Rendering updates to prevent Quest render freezes/flickering

  • Optimizations to reduce draw calls by up to 7x in some cases

Known Issue:

  • Server connection issues resulting in model not rendering

March 2021

3/3/2021 Resolve 2.1.0

New Features:

  • Map view in Content menu

  • Author name to annotations


  • Fixed overlapping menu in settings

  • Fixed microphone not working the first time app is downloaded and opened

  • Improved app stability with very large models

Known Issues:

  • Rendering glitches with extremely dense models

December 2020

12/21/2020 Resolve 2.0.1

New Features:

  • Download speeds significantly reduced

  • Added search bar on project selection screen

  • [Experimental] Voxels added for visibility improvement

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed VR headset icon

  • Users can change speakers for audio output

Known Issues:

  • Some models are being overly simplified

  • Some models are getting stuck in the model processing pipeline

November 2020

11/23/2020 Resolve 1.2.3

New Features:

  • Stability improvement for joining meetings when 5+ people are already in meeting

11/16/2020 Resolve 1.2.1

New Features:

  • Models start processing on server immediately after linking though BIM 360


  • Audio bug after user takes headset off - "server could not be reached"


  • Meeting terminology removed

  • Host functions

Known Issues:

  • Users listed in the meeting that are not there

11/09/2020 Resolve 1.2.0

New Features:

  • All participants have "Gather All" capability

  • All participants can grab dollhouse view

  • All users within an organization receive emails when models finish uploading


  • Meeting terminology - "Active Meeting," "Host"

  • "Mute all" function

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