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Sync Multiple Headsets for Shared In-Person AR Walkthrough
Sync Multiple Headsets for Shared In-Person AR Walkthrough
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With Resolve, you can view your models in Augmented Reality (AR) using the VR headset's passthrough cameras. To understand how to activate AR in Resolve, read this other article.

Once you're in AR you can sync the model's spatial location to other headsets that are in the same room with you so multiple people can walk around the model together and confidently be looking at the same thing.

This is useful for evaluating prefab skids or large equipment in general.

To activate this you must first be in our Dollhouse Mode and the headsets must be on the same wifi network.

Next, click the settings icon (gear icon) at the top of the Resolve virtual menu.

Then click "Share Position."

After about 10 seconds you will see a message confirming that your position has been shared successfully. If you get an error message try again or confirm that your headsets are on the same wifi network.

Once the position has been shared successfully the other headsets will see the model in the same position as your headsets and you can physically walk around the model together.

NOTE: Using the joysticks to move virtually will cause the headsets to lose their synced location.

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